The 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Surprise Wedding


November 20, 2018

1. You Get To Plan Your Wedding Calmly

Does the idea of having a showy wedding interest you, but the idea of planning it sounds yuk?

To a lot of brides-to-be, the thought of planning a wedding can be so overwhelming!

In our experience, a sure way to keep things calm and straightforward is to plan your big day in secret.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

2. Your Surprise Wedding Will Blow Your Guests Away

When your guests arrive at your surprise wedding, they’ll have zero wedding expectations. Their day just got a whole lot more exciting; it’s a recipe for success! Make sure to hire a great photographer and/or videographer to capture all the stunned guests.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

3. A Surprise Wedding Eliminates Outside Pressure

We said we’d never get married!

My husband and I were together for 17 years before we got married. We knew that if we were to get married, our family and friends would be all over the wedding like white on rice.

With wedding planning, everyone gets involved. The next thing you know, you have a wedding three times the planned size with its budget being a distant memory.

We weren’t looking forward to moments of panic, frustration, and arguments that ensue with wedding planning.

For us, it was a question of how do you get to have your ‘perfect day’ without all the pressure and planning?

The answer is this: Don’t tell anyone it’s happening, and keep the planning very simple. It’s often all the outside pressure that makes it bigger than it has to be.

surprise wedding

4. It’s Better Than Eloping

If you’ve ever had visions of a beautiful wedding day shared with all your loved ones, maybe don’t elope.

Eloping means a lot of your loved ones will miss out, and you might miss having them around.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

5. You Won’t Have To Please Everyone Else

Deep down, you already know how you want your day to be. You have a pretty good idea of what you deem important and what you’d like to spend a bit more time and money on. If not- flock to Pinterest like most of us do!

The problem comes in when others share their ideas and opinions. Even though some are helpful, it’s all so very confusing!
You try and take on all these ideas even though you may not want to.

What’s that saying again?- “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

That was me for years! I was the bridesmaid with the shoulder to cry on. I know how complicated and stressful wedding planning is. I’ve been there for others and learned from their experiences.

surprise wedding planning
surprisse wedding

6. You Get To Scrap The Small Stuff

I wouldn’t bother with colossal flower arrangements or expensive DJs; in fact, I didn’t!

No one truly appreciates little gifts made for the tables. Never mind how expensive and time-consuming that exercise is.

Who cares about well-thought-out color schemes. Or flowers decorated everywhere that cost a fortune and die straight afterward?

Let’s not even get into the matching bridesmaid’s outfits. They’re always a bit of a compromise and are hardly ever worn again.

These are not the things that people will remember on your wedding day.
Unfortunately, no one’s even going to remember what designer dress you had or how you did your hair.

The thing that matters is the actual atmosphere, the being there in the moment and taking it all in. It’s all about laughter with loved ones. You want people to remember how great that day was for them and you, the best day of your life.

Think back to a wedding you thoroughly enjoyed. Do you remember the high table settings and wedding decor?

If you get your head around all that, you could have an amazing but cost-effective wedding.

Some people love spending time on intricate details, but if it’s going to stress you out or cost too much, cut it out!

surprise wedding bridge and shaughan

7. Think About Your Wedding When It Suits You

During the planning stages, you don’t have to talk about wedding everything non-stop. You even get to forget about it from time to time!

The first time we spoke about planning this wedding was a whole year before we actually had it. We wanted to give our overseas friends and family sufficient time for planning a trip out, had they accepted. I know that seems like a long time to keep the secret going for, but with so few people knowing about it, we just stored the whole event in the back of our minds for a while.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

8. You’ll Capture Genuine Love And Joy

There’s that amazing moment when the bride is trying on wedding dresses and comes out wearing “the dress,” and all her bridesmaids rejoice. Okay, so you may not experience that by having a surprise wedding and therefore absenteeism of wedding dress shopping, but what’s coming is an even better version of that.

When you reveal the surprise, and you’re wearing your wedding dress for all to see, truly for the first time, the look on your closest friends’ faces will be a replica of that moment, as it was for me.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding

9. You’ll Have A Very Memorable Wedding.

The moments you’ll capture on the day are truly unforgettable, with unexpected joy and pure happiness being the order of the day. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this is attributed to the fact that there are no big expectations for the day. No one arrived expecting a wedding, so they will almost definitely leave being blown away by surprise.

I’m sure you’ll agree when looking through our pictures that we captured the very essence of a wedding. Whether it be a surprise one or not. Our friends and family talk about this great day with such admiration. Does it really matter if some of the guests were wearing jeans and t-shirts? You decide.

I’d love to help or hear from you. If this is the route you want to go for your big day, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

10. A Surprise Wedding Will Save You A Lot Of Money

Because You’re planning a not-so-traditional wedding, the cost tends to be a bit less. It might be because of the venue, or because you didn’t splurge on expensive table gifts, whatever the reason- it somehow works out cheaper.

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding

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I’d love to help or hear from you. If this is the route you want to go for your big day, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Vikki Baker-Grunnill

    I love this. It is absolutely the reason we are planning ours as a surprise. Noone stressing (and spending) on outfits, gifts etc.

    Logistically I am having a slight mare as ours is actually at a Registry Office followed by a low key buffet meal at a local pub. I am planning on inviting everyone to a ‘Thank you luncheon’… I then want to sent a 2nd invite nearer the time for those invited to the wedding, but trying to hatch a plan to get them to a nearby alternative venue first is tricky!

    The ceremony is early in the day (we couldn’t get later) so that is tricky too!

    Wish me luck!

    • Bridget Beguin

      Congrats Vikki. Oooooh I love your idea! Maybe a bus could arrive and pick up everyone? Gosh good luck, half the fun is hatching the plan though! Enjoy it and be sure to take lots of pics or video. Thanks for reading.

  2. Karin

    Hey! I made your blog 🙂 some of the happiest tears I’ve ever shared. Love you xxx

    • Bridget Beguin

      All the better with you there, thanks for being you!


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