How to Make Kombucha Tea Fizzy and Flavoured


July 15, 2018

First Things First

At this point you’ve probably read a few articles on how to make kombucha from scratch and in doing so hopefully you’ve read all the amazing benefits it  brings. Now you’ll want to take it a step further by playing around with flavours and bottling the tea to give it that store-bought fizzy taste. This is all made possible with a process called the second fermentation.

Second Fermenting Kombucha, What Does That Mean?

Instead of drinking your fermented kombucha straight from the “mother container’, the tea goes through a second fermentation process. For second fermentation we pour the already fermented tea in glass bottle, almost to the very top and then add a few pieces of fruit, herbs or flavours, just before sealing the lids tightly.

The bottles are then stored at room temperature for 1-4 days. You’ll know when it’s ready because you’ll open the lid and all the fruit will rise to the surface along with all the fizzy bubbles trying to escape. Once this happens you can store the bottles in the refrigerator to prevent further fermentation.

Get Creative

Try and experiment with combined flavours, like strawberry melon, or do all the berries together.

Try adding some spices like cinnamon to apple, or cayenne pepper to pineapple. Herbs also work well, try lavender infused fruit or basil with watermelon or rosemary with orange.

Add a few drops of vanilla essence or rose water to any chosen flavour. Top up with some flavoured brewed tea, like rooibos, chai or peppermint, making sure you’ve cooled it down first though.

There are endless this to do during second fermentation. look what’s in season and have fun!

Popular Flavours and Fizzy Ratings.

I’ve experimented with plenty of different flavours with some giving loads of fizz and some not at all. Below is a list of my tried and tested flavours and my fizz factor ratings up to 5 stars.

blueberry **


pomegranate ***



strawberry ***

ginger lemon**

banana-just gross.

citrus: naartjie, orange ***



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