You really don’t need a large budget for your wedding to be a complete success. And more importantly, you don’t need to start your lives together in debt.
Almost a quarter of all couples that get married don’t have the money they’ve spent on their wedding. As soon as you mention the word ‘wedding,’ prices immediately go up fourfold. Whether it be the DJ, the flowers, the cake, or the venue, wedding-related stuff is pricey!
These cheap wedding ideas help shave off the price in some areas while allowing more budget where it matters. This trick will have most wedding guests fooled.

1. Drinks and Food

You’ve managed to save almost everywhere else, so don’t skimp in this department. People will enjoy the wedding more if the food is worth talking about and the drinks are always flowing. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune but do your homework.

We let people order from the venue’s menu for our wedding, picking up the tab at the end of the day. We also had a cheese and meat mezze as pre-snacks, which we organized ourselves. Organizing any food yourself  is one of the best cheap wedding ideas. We paid for wine and beer we bought beforehand at wholesale prices and hardtack at the bar.

Cost Effective Snack Ideas

Think outside the box and include items that are inexpensive to make. Making your own microwave popcorn and homemade breads will hardly cost you anything but will go a long way.

For an enchanting vibe, have spa water (also known as Detox Waters) served in elegantly decorated jugs at each table. Get the full recipes here



cheap wedding planning
cheap wedding planning

2. Photographer or Videographer

This is a definite. You don’t want to regret not having this. The special moments the photographer will capture are reason one why you have a wedding.

cheap wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

3. Location or Venue

It would be best if you considered a venue that isn’t an official wedding venue. I’m almost 100% certain it’ll cost you more if you do. We used a friend’s pub in the city where we could fit 100 guests. He was more than happy to accommodate us for the exposure of his new spot. A garden party is another great idea.

Planning A Surprise Wedding
cheap wedding planning

4. Music

Ditch the DJ. Even though some good ones exist, how often is it the biggest complaint at a wedding? With iTunes or other great music apps, you can create awesome playlists beforehand. Make sure the venue has a sound system, and you’ve downloaded all the music already. The groom will need to liaise with someone on the timing of specific songs.

cheap wedding planning
cheap wedding planningcheap wedding planning

5. Wedding Attire

One of the best cheap wedding ideas is to beg, borrow and buy for cheap. I borrowed my cousins’ wedding dress, and it was so beautiful. Most wedding dresses cost a fortune and are worn once. After the wedding, they take up hanging space and collect dust. We purchased a suit at a men’s retail clothing store for my husband, so you really don’t need to spend a fortune.

wedding dress
surprise wedding planning

6. Makeup and Hair

We all have that one friend or sister who is amazing at makeup. Tell her what’s going on the morning of the wedding by throwing a pre-surprise party with her. It would be nice to talk to someone right before the ceremony starts. I did that with both of my sisters, and it was fun to walk in with them for the reveal.

Don’t forget to use a homemade hair treatment the night before your big day. Your hair will shine like you spent all morning at a salon.

surprise wedding planning

7. Flowers and Decor

Get creative by using old mason jars or greenery from your garden. Cheap hanging fairy lights are a great way to add some sparkle. Or big balloons for a smash of color, but whatever you do, don’t get carried away! 

cheap wedding planning

8. Throw A Surprise Wedding- One Of The Best Cheap Wedding Ideas

An ideal way to save money on your wedding is to turn the event into a surprise. We did just that, and it was certainly an event to remember.


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