Are you thinking of having a surprise wedding? There’s plenty to consider before planning such a low-key event. Who do you tell? How do you get the guests there? Make sure you keep these key points in mind before starting your surprise wedding planning. 

Step 1: Keep It On The Low Down

Not telling is the first and most crucial step of surprise wedding planning. Do not talk about throwing a surprise wedding TO ANYONE! It’s the hardest and most important tip. If you don’t do this, it won’t work!

surprise wedding planning
surprise wedding planning

Step 2: Hire Secret-Keeping Vendors For Your Surprise Wedding

There’s a minimal list of people that need to know about the surprise wedding day. This list includes the priest, photographer, venue staff, overseas guests. Only tell one trusted friend/family member if you need help housing foreign guests. This Allie could also come in handy if you need to be in two places simultaneously.

Step 3: Come Up With A Cover Event

You’ll need a reasonably important ‘fake’ event that people will feel obliged to attend. You can’t tell people you’re having drinks at the house and hope that everyone will pitch. It needs to be a reasonably significant soiree for full attendance.

Engagement Party Cover Story

We were going with a farewell cover story for our wedding- our ‘last big bash’ before traveling. In the end, we settled on something even better. We decided on an engagement party cover. My partner told everyone he’s proposing to me in front of them all. This story guaranteed our guests would attend on time and not miss out on the big reveal.

surprise wedding planning

Step 4: Send Out Invites

It’s essential to have an idea of how big your wedding will be. Send out invites- sticking to your cover story.

Keep in mind the people contributing positively to your day are the ones you want around and that want to be there.

A massive plus for Surprise wedding planning is having full control over your guest list.

Step 5: Make Sure You’re Planning A Surprise Wedding For The Right Reasons

Don’t surprise your loved ones because you’re avoiding valid concerns about your marriage.

The idea of a surprise wedding is to keep costs and stress levels down. Surprising your guests should have a positive outcome. If you’re doing it because people might talk you out of it, it won’t have the best result.

surprise wedding planning

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