The Best Healthy Pancakes Recipe You Need To Try


September 16, 2020


My vision for a healthy pancakes recipe came to me when I cooked a batch of barley to add to my morning oats. I noticed that barley blended has a consistency like a pancake batter. Barley is excellent for your digestive tract, your gut flora in particular. for added protein, I used oat flour (made with my blender) and tapioca flour to bind it all together. To complete, I used a hefty dose of baking powder for a lighter, fluffier effect. Tada! They rose as any great pancake should!

Since my first attempt, I put more effort into its construction and came up with this fail-safe recipe. I make these pancakes at least twice a week now.

best pancakes
best pancakes

Life On The Road

Since I’ve been traveling, I haven’t been able to ‘blend’ anything. It’s been super frustrating not having access to proper kitchen gadgets, and boy, did I have a few of those back home! I broke down and ordered a portable mini blender that I carry around with me in my backpack!! The number of times I’d be standing in an Airbnb kitchen saying, ‘if only I had a blender.’ So now I do!

The list of things I can create is endless. I’ve blended rolled oats to create my oat flour and even continue to make my homemade almond milk on the go!

Eat Whole Foods Wherever You Are

More importantly, life with the blender means I can have more control over what I put into my body. No need to buy ready-made meals and sauces, spreads, or dips. No need to spend money on smoothies with added sugars. I make my own healthy, unrefined flour using rolled oats -one of the main ingredients in my pancake recipe. I’ve enjoyed creamy bulletproof coffees again; the list of creations is endless.

best pancakes
best pancakes

Healthier Pancake Recipe Substitutions

Replacing refined white flour

White flour has virtually no nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or fats. It’s used in most traditional pancake recipes because it is light, airy, and cheap (1). Whole grains like wheat (oats), barley, and rye are far healthier and should replace white flour whenever possible. I went with barley and oats combined for this pancake recipe. Using oats alone makes the pancakes too dense.

How To Sweeten The Best Pancakes

Most pancake premixes and pancake recipes contain added sugar. I created a sweet but still healthy pancake by adding banana or my homemade date syrup (or a mix of both). Did you know that dates even help with weight loss?? (2). This incredible fruit is an almost ‘ideal food’ (3).

Dairy Alternatives 

Instead of using regular cow’s milk, I went with plant-based almond milk. Check out my post on homemade almond milk for all the benefits and how it compares to drinking regular milk. You’re more than welcome to use coconut milk instead (also check out how to make coconut milk from scratch).

5 Pancakes

Ready In:

15 Minutes


458 (5 Pancakes)

Good For:


Make Sure To Get Enough Protein

If you’re not using eggs, both protein and fat content decrease by 5g. You can make up the protein by enjoying a spoon of nut butter or a couple of almonds with your pancakes.


  • Calories: 458 C
  • Protein: 14g
  • Fat: 13g
  • Carbs: 83g
  • Fiber: 9g
  • Sugar: 14g
  • Protein 14g 10% 10%
  • Carbohydrates 83g 62% 62%
  • of Which Sugar is 14g 10% 10%
  • Fiber 9g 6.5% 6.5%
  • Fat 13g 9.5% 9.5%
best pancakes

The Best Healthy Pancakes Recipe

These whole food pancakes are ideal when topped with some fruit, a sprinkle of flax seeds, almonds, a pinch of cinnamon, and a splash of homemade coconut yogurt or date syrup. I consider one serving to be all five pancakes made from this recipe. If you’re making for more than one person, consider doubling or tripling the original quantities.
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 5 pancakes
Calories 92kcal
Cost >1$


  • Blender
  • Frying Pan
  • Spatula


  • 1/2 cup cooked Barley the softer the better- almost porridge-like consistency
  • 2 tbsp tapioca flour mixed into 1 tbsp water or coconut yogurt alternatively 1 egg yolk (keep the white for later)
  • 1/2 banana can be left out
  • 2 tbsp date syrup optional- purely to sweeten
  • 50 ml almond milk or coconut milk
  • 1 tsp coconut oil optional
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence optional
  • 1/2 cup oat flour or any flour of choice. I dry blend my oats to make course flour
  • 2 tbsp tapioca flour or more or less, depending on the texture, add one at a time
  • 1 tsp cinnamon optional
  • 10 ml Baking powder


  • Blend the first 8 ingredients together until most of the mixture is lump-free.
  • Combine all the dry ingredients and lightly mix it into the batter (except the tapioca flour).
  • If using eggs, beat the egg whites until peaks form and fold into the batter mixture (this isn’t essential but will give lighter, fluffier pancakes)
  • Let the mixture sit for at least 10 minutes before spooning onto a heated and greased non-stick pan, you may need to spread it out with a spatula. The batter should be thick enough not to drip off the spoon. Add Tapioca flour if the mixture is too runny.
  • When the mixture forms bubbles on the surface and feels firm enough to lift, flip over and cook the other side. If you find the pancakes are too mushy or sticking to the pan, try adding a bit more tapioca flour but don't overdo it, add one spoon at a time.



These whole food pancakes are ideal when topped with fresh fruit, a sprinkle of flax seeds, almonds, a pinch of cinnamon, and a splash of homemade coconut yogurt or date syrup.

Enjoy Healthy Pancakes with The Best Wholefoods

My protein-rich breakfast includes five of these delicious pancakes smothered in nut butter and fruit. I sometimes add a couple of almonds or a sprinkle of flax seeds. Occasionally I’ll add a scoop of my homemade date syrup or some full-fat yogurt. Of all my daily meals, breakfast has the highest amount of fat in it. Making sure my dinner has the least.

Heal Your Gut

If you suffer from indigestion or reflux symptoms, it’s essential to stick to a low-fat, high-fiber diet. By consuming “good fats” for breakfast, I have sustained energy throughout the day. Having a healthy dose of fats also lessens my chance of snacking on unhealthy treats later. Eating like this has worked exceptionally well for me. I hardly ever experience reflux flare-ups anymore.

Fruit Is Good

I’m not at all concerned about the sugar content (around 40g) in a serving of fruit. Fruit is high in fiber and phytonutrients, which help LOWER insulin spikes and blood sugar levels (3).